22. Pepe Never Has Enough

“Ouch!” Pepe yelled in pain when some heavy books he was carrying fell on his foot. “Ouch! Ouch!” He continued.

“Shh!” The librarian signaled to him.

“Are you okay?” Ana, one of Pepe’s friends and an avid reader, came to his rescue.

Before Pepe could answer her, his mind flashback to some events of that week. It seemed to him that nothing was going the way he imagined. On Monday, Pepe ended up sick because he had so many ice-cream bowls at the creamery that his uncle took him to.  On Wednesday, Pepe didn’t get all the gifts he was expecting to receive at his birthday party. And now, one of his feet was aching just because he wanted to read enough books to win as many prizes as possible in the library’s annual reading contest.

Pepe came to his senses and responded to Ana with a grumpy voice, “No! I’m not alright. But it doesn’t matter because I have to check out all these books now.” His demeanor was cold and careless. 

Ana wondered what was going on with Pepe. She remembered he didn’t look very happy at his birthday party either.

As Pepe walked towards the library’s check out desk, he was so obsessed about winning prizes that he didn’t pay attention to his surroundings and tripped on a step.  

“Ouch!” Pepe stumble but held tight the tower of books he was carrying.

“Shh!” The librarian signaled to him.

Ana approached Pepe again and offered him gently, “I can help you carry some of those books…”

Pepe turned towards her with a puzzled expression, “I don’t get it Ana, I was not nice to you a moment ago and here you are again.”

“The Holy Spirit whispered in my ear that you need some extra help today,” Ana replied.

“You know The Three Musketeers too?” Pepe was astonished.

“Shh!” The librarian motioned for Pepe to lower his voice.

“Ta-dah!” The Three Musketeers joyfully exclaimed as they made themselves visible.

“Yes, she does! She does know us indeed!” Jesus responded cheerfully, looking at Ana tenderly.

“Jesus, lower your voice or the librarian will soon give you a ‘shh’,” Pepe whispered and looked towards Ms. Loreto.

“Ha-ha, don’t worry…only you two can see us or hear us at the moment,” Jesus winked at him.

The Holy Spirit started whistling a tune, and then added a verse to it which He sang several times, “Greedy people want everything, and are never satisfied.” [Job 20:20] While singing and whistling, His eyes were looking towards the blue feather sticking out from one side of His brown hat. 

“What is that supposed to mean?” Pepe asked angrily.

Holy Spirit looked at Pepe in the eye and simply said, “Greedy people want everything, and are never satisfied.” [Job 20:20]

“That’s not true…” Suddenly it hit Pepe. He looked down, “I guess you’re right…and because of it, I’ve turned into an ugly monster…”

“We often forget to be content, and grateful, for what we have…” Ana said thoughtfully.

Ms. Loreto approached the children, “I’m so glad you’re having a great conversation you two, just remember to keep your voices low since other children are trying to do some reading here.” She gazed at the room filled with children whose eyes were fixed on books. Then, she gave Ana and Pepe a sweet smile and went back to put some books on the shelves.

“Told you! She can’t see us or hear us now,” Jesus said. “But she knows us, and we’re with her too!” Jesus had a big smile.

The Holy Spirit opened the eyes of Pepe’s heart, and he was immediately able to see clearly. Pepe, crestfallen, started a monologue in between sobs, “I should had been happy with just one bowl of ice cream and just enjoyed it. Oh, and I should had been satisfied with the love of my parents who gave me that wonderful birthday party at the restaurant with my friends! I ruined it all! I ruined it all!

“Pepe…” The Father wanted to console him, but Pepe continued with tears in his eyes.

“And, and…I’m tired of reading all these books! I’m not even enjoying them! I don’t know why I was so fixed on getting so many prizes! I haven’t even ridden my bike or spent time with friends!” Pepe’s cries became louder.

Ms. Loreto gazed puzzled at Pepe and Ana from her desk where she was helping library patrons. 

“Let’s go outside, Pepe,” Ana suggested and grab the books Pepe was carrying. Before leaving the library, she left all the books on a table for reshelving.

The Three Musketeers went outside with the children.

Once outside, Pepe couldn’t help himself and cried out loud again, “I ruined everything! I got so greedy!”

“Well…I’m glad you can see that clearly now, Pepe,” the Father said lovingly. “But now, I want you to remember our grace too.”

Jesus hugged Pepe, and his sobbing stopped. “Contentment is to enjoy what you have from us, The Three Musketeers. This attitude will also help you see what’s important in life.”

“I just feel like dancing as a grateful praise for all your blessings in my life, oh God!” Ana intervened and started moving her body at the rhythm of the wind that was blowing.

“I didn’t know you like to dance, Ana! I thought you only like to read.” Pepe was amazed.

“Surprise!” Ana smiled at him.

“Ana! Pepe! Come back in, I’m having a raffle…would you like to participate?” Ms. Loreto called from the library’s front door.

The kids looked at each other, smiled, and then run towards the library. The Three Musketeers blow them a kiss and disappeared from their view for the time being. 

Related Bible reading:
Proverbs 11: 24
Luke 12: 15
Psalm 147: 7

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