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19. Pepe, His Friends, and Their Idols

Clang, clang, clang…the coins in Pepe’s piggy bank jingled as he walked carrying it around his neighborhood. 

“Where can I bury all this money? I really don’t want to share it with other people,” Pepe thought to himself. “Once I empty these coins into a hole and cover it—ha-ha, like pirate’s treasure—I’ll have more space in my piggy bank to accumulate even more money, all for me…ha-ha!”

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16. Pepe and the King

“Retreat from battle, soldiers!” The knight shouted to the men fighting on foot. “It looks like the king sent us to a trap! This is a trap! The king lied to us. Run for your lives!”

Pepe closed the book. He couldn’t continue reading. How could a king be so bad? How could that king send his people to die? What was his motive? What a horrible heart that king had! 

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