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16. Pepe and the King

“Retreat from battle, soldiers!” The knight shouted to the men fighting on foot. “It looks like the king sent us to a trap! This is a trap! The king lied to us. Run for your lives!”

Pepe closed the book. He couldn’t continue reading. How could a king be so bad? How could that king send his people to die? What was his motive? What a horrible heart that king had! 

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12. Pepe’s Plans are Interrupted

“La-la-la-la-la…,” Pepe sang happily as he entered his home. He had just been at the library, and had with him books about insects, birds, trees, and camping. He was also thinking about the amazing bonfire he’ll help start at night! Pepe and his parents had plans to go camping over the weekend with some of their neighbors in a nearby park, and Pepe had been looking forward to that day for weeks.

Suddenly, he felt a terrible itching. He scratched, and he saw a bump. Then two…then three… Oops! Several itchy and ugly bumps on his tummy!

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