17. Pepe and the Lion of Judah

“Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh!,” Pepe yelled as he ran from the hungry hyenas. “Help! Help!,” his legs were aching from running hard on the harsh ground of the savannah. The heat pressed in on him crushing him in defeat. Suddenly he fell and was too exhausted to get up. 

“This is the end,” he though. “The hyenas will have me for lunch.” Pepe closed his eyes, waiting for the painful moment…

Suddenly, a powerful sound split the air: “Roarrrrrrr! Roarrrrrrr! Roarrrrrrr!” 

Pepe opened his eyes and saw the most beautiful and majestic lion he had ever seen in his life! The lion was standing next to him and he was roaring at the hyenas. His roar was so powerful that the hyenas quickly fled in fear, running for their lives. It was strange, but Pepe felt at peace even though a huge and fierce lion was right next to him.

Pepe felt a supernatural energy in his body, and he was able to stand up from the ground. He noticed the lion’s big, green eyes looking at him. They were full of love and peace. Pepe was in awe! He didn’t feel afraid.

Then, Pepe saw a crowd of children coming playfully towards the lion while singing: 

Lion of Judah
Our majestic, powerful and eternal King
Lion of Judah
Our majestic, powerful and eternal Protector
Lion of Judah
Majestic, powerful, and fierce in love
Lion of Judah
There’s no one like You!

With big smiles on their faces, all the children surrounded the lion. Some hugged him, others caressed his mane, others kissed him, others patted his back while they all continue singing out of love for Him! 

Pepe knew that the Lion had saved his life from the hyenas. Pepe also knew in his heart that Lion had saved, and was protecting, all those children from evil. He hadn’t noticed it before, but the Lion had a golden crown on his head with a red feather sticking out of it.

“That feather seems very familiar…,” Pepe thought to himself, puzzled, but he was so eager to join in the singing and playing with the lion. “It’s like my friends, the Three Musketeers. It’s like…” 

 Suddenly Pepe woke from his dream with a start. “What a dream! It was so real!” Pepe thought, his heart still racing.

“Lion of Judah?” Pepe remembered hearing something about that specific Lion somewhere. After a few seconds went by he jumped up, excited, “The Lion had a golden crown with a red feather, yeah! Jesus! That was You!”

Pepe ran to get his Bible, he also took his Bible study notes from last Sunday at church and he sat down and read for a long time. 

“Of course!” Pepe saw it all clearly now. 

“Glad to hear you’re excited about something,” Pepe’s dad exclaimed. But…have you had your breakfast yet?”

“Dad, dad…the Lion of Judah, it’s an image of Jesus!” Pepe couldn’t contain his excitement. “Jesus our eternal, powerful, majestic, protector, and fierce-in-love King!”

“Well,” Pepe’s dad smile, “and don’t forget that out of Judah’s line came King David and all his descendants that ruled Israel. And Jesus comes from that line!”

“Wow! A mighty King Jesus is indeed!” Pepe got lost in thought.

“Ahem, ahem,” Pepe’s dad interrupted. “Don’t forget your breakfast.”

“Dad,” Pepe turned to face his father with a serious face, “woe to those who will stand against the Lion of Judah! It won’t go well for them.”

At that moment, Pepe heard—with his spiritual ears—the roaring of a powerful, majestic, and kingly Lion protecting, defending, and advancing His Kingdom. 

Related Bible reading:

Revelation 5: 1-5
Matthew 1: 1-17
Genesis 49: 8-10

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