14. Pepe and the Beauty of Life

“Wah, wah, wah!” baby Alexander cried. “Wah, wah, wah!”

“What’s wrong with your little brother?” Pepe whispered to Katie.

“I think he’s hungry,” Katie turned towards baby Alexander, whom was crying in his momma’s arms.

“Isn’t he adorable?” Katie’s father sigh with love. “And you’re such a great sister, Katie!” he nodded at her with a thankful and proud look.

“I hope you enjoyed the lunch Katie and her dad prepared for us all today, Pepe!” Katie’s mom winked at Pepe.

“Yeah…it was delicious! Thanks so much! Uhm…but I better get going, dad is probably waiting for me to get home so I can help him plant in our yard those flowers we got for mom the other day. Hope little Alexander feels better soon!” Pepe waved goodbye and also glanced at the baby very concerned.

“Don’t worry,” Katie reassured him. “He wants to get his lunch too! Hope you’ll have a great afternoon planting those flowers!” she smiled at him and walked him to the door.

While walking back home, the memory of baby Alexander crying made Pepe very sad. He decided to sit for a moment before going in. He needed to think about what was really bothering his heart.

Then he started talking to himself, “Poor baby Alexander…life is so hard…that crying is only the beginning…lots of school homework, learning to eat vegetables, surviving bullies, breaking a leg, visits to the dentist, rejected by friends…”

Just as tears of sorrow started forming in Pepe’s eyes, poof!, the Three Musketeers made themselves visible.

“Every life is precious and valuable, oh yeah!” Jesus started singing.

Pepe paid closed attention in silence.

“Every life has a purpose in this world, oh yeah!” Jesus continued singing.

Pepe felt love surrounding him.

“Pepe,” the Holy Spirit spoke, “remember that every human life is ‘God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for [everyone] to do.’” (Ephesians 2:10)

“What?” Pepe was puzzled. “You mean even a little baby has a mission in life already?”

The Three Musketeers smiled. Then the Father said, “I made—in our image—every single person in this world, born and unborn, and I love every single one! Also, I have given everyone a purpose in this world.”

“Me too?” Pepe interrupted.

“Yes, everyone Pepe, everyone!” the Father looked lovingly at Pepe. “Every life is so sacred!”

“Wow!” Pepe exclaimed. “But, what about hardships…this life could be hard too! It could be very difficult!”

Jesus spoke, “I will never leave you or desert you.” (Hebrews 13:5)

Pepe became lost in his thoughts…

To break the silence, the Holy Spirit started humming, “Oh how much we love you, oh how much we love you, oh much we love every single one of you—our precious ones!”

“You do love us recklessly, God! Thanks so much!” Pepe smiled. Then he added, “Hey Jesus, can you teach me that song you were singing? I want to teach it to baby Alexander next time I visit Katie.

And suddenly, a choir of angels also joined in the song, and they sang so loudly and beautifully that Pepe was sure every single living creature must surely hear.

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Jeremiah 1:5
Genesis 1:27

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