16. Pepe and the King

“Retreat from battle, soldiers!” The knight shouted to the men fighting on foot. “It looks like the king sent us to a trap! This is a trap! The king lied to us. Run for your lives!”

Pepe closed the book. He couldn’t continue reading. How could a king be so bad? How could that king send his people to die? What was his motive? What a horrible heart that king had! 

Pepe was so disappointed in the story with the evil king that decided not to continue reading. Kings were supposed to be good. He was so upset that he decided to go out for a walk.

It was sunny outside and that helped a little, but not as much as he hoped. He couldn’t get rid of the thought of such a horrible king. Suddenly a cool breeze gently blew his hair and there was a poof, as the Three Musketeers became visible.

Pepe noticed then that the Musketeer with the red feather, Jesus, had a crown on top. The Holy Spirit brought to Pepe’s memory the Bible verse that he had read many times on Christmas: “This very day in King David’s hometown a Savior was born for you. He is Christ the Lord.” (Luke 2:11)

Pepe suddenly realized that Jesus was his King and bowed to Him.

“You are one of my knights in shining armor!” Jesus told Pepe with a large, loving smile.

“Jesus is the King of kings, I have given Him the whole universe,” the Father proudly look at his Son. Then the Father looked at Pepe and added, “Yes, I have given Him the whole universe, which includes earth.”

Pepe was amazed at this thought since it was his first time seeing Jesus as a King and not just as his friend. This idea could really change things, and Pepe thought very hard about it.

“There are two kingdoms,” the Holy Spirit broke the silence. “The Kingdom of God, and the kingdom of this world. People have a choice of which kingdom they want to belong to. The Kingdom of God is holy and good; and here you’ll find love, truth, joy, peace, order, fulfillment, hope, comfort, justice. The kingdom of this world is evil; and there you’ll find hate, deception, lies, greed, unrest, misery, emptiness, chaos, selfishness.”

“But how could it be possible that I’m a knight in God’s Kingdom if I still live here on earth?” Pepe asked.

The Father tenderly explained, “Jesus brought the Kingdom of God to earth. So when you believe in Jesus, and repent and obey Him, you are of our world even though you live in this one. You are one of my children thanks to my Son Jesus!”

“Oh…I see!” Pepe exclaimed. 

“You are an important knight of mine. Just think about it, you are light in the darkness of this world!” Jesus cheered him up.

“Not all earthly kings or leaders are bad…only those who decide to belong to the kingdom of this world and don’t want Jesus in their hearts,” the Father added. “Those type of kings become like the evil king you were reading about in your story.”

“Jesus will come back to earth again!” The Holy Spirit immediately said while clapping in excitement. “He’ll come down in a cloud with all His power and glory and will establish His Kingdom here and will get rid of all evil!”

Pepe then bowed again to Jesus saying, “Here I am, a knight at your service King Jesus!”

Pepe felt Jesus hold him with so much love. He closed his eyes and let the experience revitalized his whole self. That was such an amazing experience that he not even noticed when the Three Musketeers disappear from sight.

“At your service always, my Lord…not matter the cost!” Pepe said with a big smile on his face.

Related Bible reading:
Revelation 1:5-8
John 18:36
Luke 9:28-35
Isaiah 53: 1-12
Philippians 2:5-11

Put it into practice:

As a knight of King Jesus, think of a situation in your life where you had, have, or will have to demonstrate your allegiance to Him.

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