12. Pepe’s Plans are Interrupted

“La-la-la-la-la…,” Pepe sang happily as he entered his home. He had just been at the library, and had with him books about insects, birds, trees, and camping. He was also thinking about the amazing bonfire he’ll help start at night! Pepe and his parents had plans to go camping over the weekend with some of their neighbors in a nearby park, and Pepe had been looking forward to that day for weeks.

Suddenly, he felt a terrible itching. He scratched, and he saw a bump. Then two…then three… Oops! Several itchy and ugly bumps on his tummy!

“Mom!” He yelled. “Mom, mom, mom!” He run to the kitchen where his mom was.

“What is it, honey?” His mom tenderly replied as she saw Pepe in such a terrified state.

“Look at this!” Pepe immediately showed her his bumps.

“Oh no,” his mother looked concerned. “It seems like you have chickenpox.”

“Chickenpox?” Pepe knew what chickenpox was. He had read about it in a book.

“Nooooooooo!!!! No, no, no!!!!!,” Pepe burst into tears. “Not now! Not now! Please! Why now?” his sobs filled the kitchen.

Because he had read about the disease in a book, Pepe knew that there was no way that they could go camping. First, he needed to rest and deal with all the itching blisters, and since it was highly contagious, he didn’t want to pass it on to others.

Pepe went to his room with huge tears on his cheeks. He couldn’t do anything about it. He had chickenpox and that was that. All that planning for the amazing camping trip, and suddenly all those plans turned to nothing! Nothing!

By nightfall, Pepe was not feeling well at all. He put on his pajamas and went to sleep early.

The following morning, as soon as he woke up, a terrible fear came to his mind. “Will having chickenpox be horrible? And, what if I died of this?” Pepe’s body tensed and he shivered in terror.

Then, Pepe remembered a Bible verse he’d memorized and said it out loud so that darkness and fear wouldn’t overcome him, Protect me and save me because you are my God. I am your faithful servant, and I trust you.” (Psalm 86:2)

The Holy Spirit whispered in Pepe’s heart, “God all-powerful is the one you should fear”. Then He made Himself visible and added, “…and not chickenpox!”

Pepe was stunned! What an entrance the Holy Spirit made!

“Hi, Pepe!” The Father and the Son became visible also.

“So, it seems you’ll be itching for a couple of days…” Jesus was sad. Pepe’s face was now filled with lots of blisters.

“I wanted to go on the camping trip! Why do things change in life?” Pepe complained.

The Father stepped in, Jesus Christ never changes! He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8)

“Yep,” Jesus added. “Things can change in life, but I never change…I’m always the same. The world can fall apart around you, Pepe, but I’m always here, I’m always the same, I always love you no matter what. You can trust that. You can cling to that truth.

“What a comforting assurance, right?” the Holy Spirit filled Pepe with Jesus’ peace and stability.

But, why me God? Why did I get chickenpox? Am I not faithful enough to You?” Pepe whined.

“Oh, Pepe, Pepe…” The Father spoke. “We won’t always give you the reasons why we allow things to happen. You just have to trust us. We love you deeply, more than you can ever imagine! We’re always with you, even if you feel we’re not. We are! When in doubt, check our Word…

“The Bible!” Pepe interrupted.

“Yes, the Bible…” The Father proudly smiled at him and then continued, “You’ll find there that we’re not silent during your pains and sorrows.”

“Hey, check Psalm 23…” the Holy Spirit winked at Pepe.

Jesus lovingly looked at Pepe in the eyes and added, “We have the control of everything, don’t worry, okay?”

Pepe stood still for some seconds. He was in awe about His magnificent and powerful God…but then, several thoughts suddenly jumped into his head and he complained, “Am I going to get bored here at home? What should I do? Is chickenpox going to be painful? I should’ve been the one going on the camping trip since I’ve been the one reading about how to start a bonfire and all sorts of outdoor stuff! Kids won’t want to play with me! Kids will laugh at me and my bumps—that is, if I don’t die first,” he became sarcastic.

The Holy Spirit softly said to Pepe, With all your heart you must trust the Lord and not your own judgment. Always let him lead you, and he will clear the road for you to follow.” (Proverbs 3: 5-6)

Pepe finally surrendered, “I depend on you, Lord.”

“We’ll always provide you with what you need, remember that…” The Three blue, yellow, and red feathered Musketeers blew Pepe a kiss while making themselves invisible, filling Pepe’s heart with love and an amazing sense of security.

Pepe then, decided that he might as well learn to take one day at a time. That was a less complicated way of life, and more peaceful too, and living that way will allow him to show God that he trusts in Him.

Related Bible quotes:
Job 22:21
Luke 12:4-5

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